Friday, November 2, 2012

Mousescrappers Design Challenge #7 is underway....

Mousescrappers Design Challenge #7
Another wonderful kit has been released over at

Definitely a great kit to have.  It will be go to Villain kit.

Here is Toni's part of the Mega Kit:

And here is what I made

As always my favorite part about the first Friday of the month
Mousescrappers Designer Blog Hop

This month 13 Designers have created a freebie for you to enjoy.

Toni created a great add-on kit to her part of the Mega Kit
(Don't you just love Maleficent!?!?!?!)

Download Here
 And Here is my add-on Freebie for you

Download Here
(P.S.  Sorry about the spelling error.  Spelling is so not my thing).

Hope you like them.

I'm so looking forward to this blog hop.  
Can't wait to see what else the designers have waiting for us.


  1. Great add-on thanks so much!

  2. Oh this is wonderful!!!! Thank You BOTH! Such Fantastic Villains :) Great Job!

  3. Thank you for the awesome contributions! This has to be my most favorite kit design challenge yet!!

  4. Thank you for the awesome freebies!

  5. True Villians! Good job - thank u!

  6. Wow girls, such amazing freebies!!! Thanks so much!!

  7. Hi Kelly and Toni,

    Thank you so much for your Villain part of this blogtrain!

    Love, Marieke

  8. Thank you so much for this gift. I love Ursula!