Friday, January 11, 2013

A New Year and a New Release by Romajo

I know this is a bit late in coming, but Happy New Year.  So sorry that I haven't been around much.  A lot has gone on in my little life and some big changes are being made.  I wanted to let you know what the New Year is bringing for Arts and Ains Designs and my fans.

First- I have decided to close my store at Scrapable. I can not begin to thank Bev (a.k.a Boss Lady) for all the training and support she and the other designers have given me.  They are a wonderful group of creative women that it has been such a pleasure to know and work with.  But being a designer in a store is not just making kits.  It's taking part in collabs, challenges, and making kits on a schedule rather than when creativity strikes.  As a single, homeschooling mom of 3, I was just stretching myself to thin. I felt I was letting down my CT and the creative team at Scrapable.  As well as letting down my family.  So after much thought and prayer, I made the decision to close the shop on January 31st.

But don't panic, because that leads me to my Second I will be opening my own blog/web store.  It's all still in the works right now.  As soon as I have concrete information, I'll pass it along.  Selling my items this way will allow me more creative freedom, a work time line that better fits the life of me and my children.  I've already got a new kit "Are We There Yet" in the works and hope to have that for you at the beginning of next month.  

Another area that was really affected was my ability to create layouts.  I absolutely love doing that, and had pretty much stopped.  Now I can create kits to scrap the pictures I need to scrap (and believe me there are A LOT of those).  I'll also be able to be a better CT member for Romajo.  Who I'm happy to say has created another great kit Flora's Secret.  It's a huge kit with a beautiful color scheme.

Here is the layout I created using the new release:

Template by Fran B Designs

 So sorry it's been so long since I offered you a freebie.  Hope you like this one:

Download Here
Check back often.  I'll try to keep you up to date with the store closing/opening, new releases, some freebies and hopefully a blog train or two.