Friday, October 18, 2013

A Fairytale Story

Once Upon A Time...
Every good fairy tale story begins this way. And of course it always has a happy ending where they lived happily ever after. What's between 'Once Upon A Time' and 'They Lived Happily Ever After' is an adventure filled drama for each princess. For Cinderella, she's held captive by an evil stepmother and 2 rotten step sisters, only later to be magically transformed into a princess attending a royal ball and marrying a handsome prince. In today's world, this only happens on reality TV, but for those of us with a dream filled heart, it happens every day in a magical fairy tale story at Disney.

Honoring the magic of Cinderella, Kelly's got a brand new collection that is fit for a princess. It's called...

Inside this gorgeous kit you'll find royally rich patterns and colors with over 50 elements including castle, castle wall, ribbons, carriage, glass slipper, blue bird, crests, scrolls, clock face, pumpkins, flairs, frames, flowers, greenery, banners, strings, sprays and much more. There's a full alpha that's white with a blue outline.

Check out these 5 word art titles. So pretty for your castle or Cinderella layouts.

Don't forget to add the page starters and paper stacks to your shopping cart. These are so brightly colored and beautifully clustered.

When you're scrapping a princess page, you always need some glitter. These glitter papers make a great addition to your princess scrapping stash.

All of Kelly's creations can be found at This newest collection will be 25% of this weekend only so hurry over to the store and grab it while it's on sale. While you are at the store, check out all of Kelly's princess kits too.

'Fairytale Story' is a beautiful princess collection that can be used for scrapping photos in front of Cinderella's castle as well as meeting any of the princesses. Here's a page that I scrapped.

Now we're at the end where everyone lives happily ever after.... because they get 3 amazing freebies! You can find a fabulous goodies from Kelly's team below. Have a magical week!